Friday, April 8, 2011

Friday Food for Thought: Where Do You Get Your Calories?

As an engineer, I'm can usually be drawn in by a pretty graph; more so if it's interactive.  So when I saw a link for Civil Eats Infographic on where Americans get their calories on the Kitchn, and how that distribution has changed over the last 40 years, I was pretty sure I'd be interested.

Non-interactive graph from The Grist

Using USDA data, the infograph shows that while some food groups' shares of the American plate have remained stable, grains and added fats (among others) have tacked about 20% more calories today than the average in 1970.

Personally, I definitely lean towards proteins and fruit.  I feel like I could be getting more veggies onto my plate, despite my best intentions. 

What's on your plate?  Is the average shown at all representative of your calorie distribution?

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  1. Hmm very interesting! I defintly get a lot of calories from fruit, grains and dairy. I could step it up a bit in terms of veggies and protein/meat. However, you can eat a lot of veggies for 122 calories compared to 122 calories of dairy, protein, or grains.