About Caitlin

Hi, I'm Caitlin!  I live in Northern Virginia, just outside the nation's capital, with my husband Vince, who's cooking skills are limited to beer brewing, and our daughter Alexa, who loves to help out in the kitchen.   Cooking and other domestic pursuits are my creative outlet. 

My future food blogger

By day, I'm a Navy shipbuilding project manager- it's a great job that has given me the opportunity for a lot of really fun travel.  Visits to San Diego, Hawaii, London, Seattle, Wisconsin (no really!) and many other places have all influenced what I cook.

Seattle's Pike Place Market

I also love to learn about where food comes from and how it gets to my table.  Watch for posts on (very) amateur gardening, farmers markets, the food industry, and other food-related topics.

My most successful plant to date- jalapenos!

Besides my interest in food, I love to read, practice yoga, and make my house a neat, orderly place (what, I sleep better with everything in its place!).  I'm also hoping that regularly taking photos for posts here will provide an opportunity for me to really learn what my Nikon D60 can do.   

Welcome to my kitchen!