Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Food for Thought: How Much Beef Do You Eat?

This isn't in the same vein as my usual Friday posts, but I had to share.  We recently went in on half a cow from a local farmer with friends again, and picked up the vacuum-packed, flash-frozen beef this week.  The cow we got this time was nearly twice as large as last time, with two families splitting it instead of four.  Since we only eat beef once a week on average, our share last time lasted us about six months, so we're expecting to get at least eighteen month out of this order.

I think the best example of the scale of the amount of meat here is the amount of ground beef: 77 lbs.  That's all of the meat in the door in the photo, some on the middle shelf, and what's in the small cooler in front of the freezer.  The rest is broken up into steaks and roasts (our share is on the top shelf), and bones for soups and stocks (on the bottom shelf).

How much beef do you eat?  Have any good recipes using ground beef?

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